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Paddy's Taxi

We are currently looking for drivers.

Here is what you must have to work with us:

1.)A current valid drivers license.

2.) A valid social security card.

3.) You must be drug free.

4.) You must have a clean criminal background. You will undergo background checks regularly.

5.)Clean driving record for 7 years.No D.U.I

If  you have what it takes and you have a clean record lets work together!Download, fill out, Go Get your 7year MVR. from the DMV and fax your application.

Application for Employment with Paddy's  - Page 1

Application for Employment with Paddy's  - Page 2

Fax your 7 year mvr and completed application to:(678)-455-6664

Please include the area you are applying for.

    Above All Service

    Paddy's Wine and Wedding Transportation

    Phone: 678-223-5960
    Fax: 678-455-6664 

    note - unsolicited ads are not accepted at the fax number